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Annual General Meeting/Conferences will be held yearly primarily to allow members meet face to face to discuss on general business, explore new opportunities and harmonize on the existing ones.

By this, the following guidelines shall be the guiding factors for the yearly event.

  1. AGM must be held once in a year.

  2. AGM shall be rotated among member countries. But may be hosted by any country/company on request. Such request should be accompanied with a commitment in form assistance to the hosting cost or arrangement otherwise the head office country shall be the hosting country.

  3. 90 days minimum period of Notice shall be given to all members before the date of the AGM.

  4. There will be participation fees payable by each member for the Annual General Meeting.

    (a)The fees which is to be determine by the board of the ACLA will cover cost of accommodation and feeding for the 3 days of the meeting.
    (b)Conference/AGM materials
    (c)Any other must be specified

  5. Any other cost to be incurred by members outside that covered by the fee will be at the cost of the member.

  6. The fee for the AGM will be announced to the members along with the date and venue.

  7. The Headquarter shall retain the hosting of AGM, Conferences, Seminars & Workshop in the event no company and country accept hosting it.

  8. ACLA can organize workshops, conferences, seminars with any organization, (Corporate or individual) provided the event will be beneficial to ACLA and Africa in general.

  9. (a) The president reserve the right to appoint/delegate any member to attend events on behalf of ACLA.
    (b) Every invitation from affiliated organisations or any international organisation can be attended at cost to the organisation.

  10. The board of execution of ACLA reserve the right to announce/ elect the hosting country every year.

  11. AGM can only be attended by members who paid in full all the year's subscription and AGM fee.

  12. (a) As one of the strategies of growing our business Resource persons and people will always be sourced around the world to attend our AGM. The cost of this will be borne by the organization. (b) Cost of attending to invitation and any other cost must be borne by the management from the annual subscription fee.

  13. The organization can seek for sponsorship of its programmes from non-member organizations. This will be to compliment delegate fees.

  14. Annual statement of Account shall be announced to the members at the AGM each year.

  15. The organization will always liaise with each country's Chamber of Commerce during their AGM. The programme will create a day of meeting of the business community of such country. In the event of no such arrangement or the arrangement fail to hold any other programme to spice up the event.

  16. The AGM shall welcome observers; such observer will have limited participation in every event of the ACLA.

  17. Closing banquet will be graced by selected important dignitaries of:
a. Members of Chamber of Commerce
b. Top government officials
c. Invited resource person(s)
d. However, it will always be strictly by invitation