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Management Structure
African Cargo AND lOGISTICS Alliance shall maintain a Secretariat called Headquarters or Head Office.

  1. The Secretariat shall consist of the President and other administrative and clerical staff.

  2. The organization shall also have a board of Directors to be made of the President and four (4) other Directors that will be selected or appointed from among the members. Each director will be assigned a portfolio t enhance the growth of the organization.

  3. The board members shall have the right to appoint adhoc or permanent committees for he effective running of the organization.

  4. External Auditor can be appointed when necessary.

  5. Legal Adviser shall be appointed at the Headquarter.
  1. Vice President  1st

  2. Vice President  2nd

  3. Director  1st

  4. Director  2nd

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Tel:       - 234-1-7736267, 08033177008

Fax:       - 234-1-4934359