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It is very interesting to note that African Cargo & Logistics Alliance like any other organization with such agenda in the third world continent like Africa will face a lot of hurdles that will not only serve as a restrains but will also lead to the collapse of the initiative where more efforts are not made to convert it. We promise to use the non-existing structure to create a platform that will stand the test of time.

We herein indentify such factors and states herein or steps to overcome them.

  1. Literacy

  2. Communication

  3. Natural Disaster

  4. Civil Strive and

  5. Lack of Long term policies

  6. Lack of Trust

  7. No previous business dealing

  8. Poverty

If going by the statistics, the literacy level in Africa is still 40%. Although many African countries have achieved as much as 60% but the general level has the average of 40% with annual growth of between 1 and 1.5%. By this low pace, we have put various measures to ensure a reasonable standard is maintained in the pursuit of our goal. Such programmes like e-learning and ACLA Institute will be fully operational in a very short time.


With the poor level of communication in Africa among African Countries, it has become necessary that an effective measure be put in place to ensure that communication does not deter the alliance from meeting up good level of efficiency. With the advent of internet facilities such as e-mail, Internet calls and others, we are set to conquer the continent and beyond.

Natural Disaster

Like every other organization world over, it is very important we put this unexpected occurrence into consideration so that we cannot use their occurrence as excuse for failure. Our foundation is built to withstand any disaster, which is agreeably low in Africa.

Civil Strife

In Africa where the most popular kind of government noted for stability has not taken root, a lot of civil unrest has been affecting business services. In consideration of that, we must remain non-political, non-religious and non-racial organization.

Lack of Long Term Policies

One of the major factor that has affected business adversely in Africa has been that of short-term policies or instability in government policies. No business can grow in atmosphere of instability. We in ACLA will work with various government to ensure they make long term policies that will be very beneficial to the country's economy and their people.

Lack of Trust/Credibility

For quite sometime, African countries have become a sure heaven for both fraud stars and dishonesty, which has taken the continent several steps backward. We in ACLA, have set our rules on ensuring that every member exhibits high level of Trust as well as identifying with our credibility policy subscribed to by each member. Not taking chances, we have also carved out a policy where business failures will be rewarded to a reasonable extent.

Lack of Intra-Business

The continent's trade co-operations and policies have been in regional blocks leading to the formation of such as ECOWAS, ECCAS & SADC etc. It is our goal to marry the regions together, create and nature business routes as well as encourage productivity among members and the manufacturing public. For us in African cargo and Logistics Alliance, we are set to set the pace, build a strong alliance and provide the best service in the continent.