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Terms and Condition

    A. MEMBERSHIP All corporate firms operating in the area of Cargo, Logistics and it's related field in Africa and those owned by Africans in the Diaspora are all qualified to membership of ACLA irrespective of business size, duration of existence and affiliations.

  1. All members must maintain working e-mail address for easy communication.
  2. Only four (4) members are allowed for each country/port area. Except Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt which are allowed to present six members each and Africans in the Diaspora who has unlimited number of membership.


5) Membership Fees and yearly subscription fee are as follows:
Membership registration - $150 USD
Annual Subscription - $600 USD

6) All fees must be paid not more than 20 working days from the day of application. Any amount not paid will be attracting 5% interest for every 10 days after the first 20 days. This applies to registration, subscription and AGM fees.

7) Cost of transfer of all fees are to the account of the paying member. Evidence of money transfer/payment must be forwarded to Head Office, electronically or otherwise.

8) A company that does not want to share its membership with any other company within the country will pay the cost of 4 members in membership and annual subscription but will only be paying individually for AGM/Conference fee.

9) Registration and subscription fees are not transferable, refundable or waivable for whatever reason.

10) Announcement for new members will not be distributed until registration of such member is confirmed.

11) Any member who recommends new companies for membership to the organization will be credited with $50 USD per company for that effort and will be applied against the subscription fee of the referee member the following year.


Membership of the organization can be terminated for the following reasons:

i) Voluntary resignation of a member

ii) Non payment of any or all of the mandatory fees after 3 reminders within a minimum of 10 days for each remind.

iii) Bankruptsy.

iv) Members failure to adhere to the high standard established by ACLA

v) Difficulty in settlement of freight or any payment among other members.

vi) Non attendance of AGM for 2 years or non payment of 50% AGM fee for 3 years.

vii) Non response to trade enquiries from members and non response to Headquarter communications.